The secret of UNIKUM’s effectiveness. Part 2.

That leaf, like the rest of the Bible, I’m sorry, we don’t show it to anyone else. It is a trade secret of our production and a family asset. And kept in a safe deposit box. So what? Why are we worse than Coca-Cola and other successful brands?)

But in general terms, I can tell you something. Because it’s like a detective story… Or at least a serious task of logic and wit.

There were numbers and text written on a sheet of paper. Not in the prettiest of handwriting. Apparently with a goose feather. The ink has faded noticeably. And the numbers , are arranged in two rectangles formed by horizontal lines and vertical columns.

And the text … the text contained completely incomprehensible at that time, signs, numbers and letters.

The quickest way to deal with the signs. They turned out to be nothing more than alchemical symbols! And their interpretation, as it turned out later, is absolutely correct! For example, a triangle with the top up, with a fat base, with the alchemists meant fire! And in our recipe (you guessed, of course, that was it?) – heating! Triangle with the top down – water. Which means refrigeration! And the Star of David represented the “End of the Great Work”! That is, the bottom line of the process! Of course, there were other symbols, each of which had to be puzzled over. Let me tell you, it’s a gamble!

But there were still two blocks of numbers left… The solution came unexpectedly. Persistent reasoning led to several questions. Why is the sheet pasted into the Bible? Why the last one? If they wanted to hide the cipher, they would have kept it out of the book. After all, she was on hand almost every day, right? What kind of preservation is that? Isn’t it because this mysterious sheet is connected to the book itself? And is it…a cheat sheet? A clue? Handbook? What could it possibly be, in a book? Other than the text? TEXT! It has the key! It was easier from there. The method of selection, trial and error, and eventually, we figured it out! It took almost half a year… After all, it wasn’t every day that I had time to do just this mystery. And yet we found the right algorithm! We tried different, absolutely fantastic ideas, combinations and options…

A certain difficulty was that the book had no page numbering. So printed… And every time I had to count from the beginning, from the first, in search of the right one. And there was a clue! Every 20 pages are lined with colored threads, like bookmarks! Probably originally to make it easier to find the right psalm. One column, vertical and the number in it is the page number. The second, horizontal one is the lines. The number at the intersection of them, the number of the word in the line! And then we take the first letter of the word! Bingo! And if the number is two-digit, then in addition to the word, the second digit means the letter in it… It would seem – here it is, success! But no… The words do add up, though not all, but the language is incomprehensible. It all came together when the written words began to read backwards! Back to front! It turned out to be Latin… This has already been handled easily. Iveta is a botanist, agronomist, biologist, and chemist, so she knows all this! In Latin, the names of plants, their parts, characteristics and components, already read without problems. It remains to combine the source materials with the alchemical signs. The text is logical, coherent, and understandable! The first sample of the resulting product amazed by its effectiveness.

The secret of UNIKUM's effectiveness. Part 2.

One thing is not clear – who wrote such a cheat sheet, who used it? Who encrypted it like that? From whom was he hiding knowledge? Obviously neither grandfather nor grandmother. Granny, like any countrywoman, of course, could gather, prepare and brew herbs for coughs, and for stool disorders. But perhaps no more than that. Seeing the whole technological process, all its stages, as I now observe them from the side, I ask a question to Iveta. I asked – do you remember your grandmother having such a laboratory and making something there? No, he shrugs his shoulders. I remember only drying herbs in the attic. Yes, I used to make them when someone was sick…

I assume that this bible, priceless in every sense, came into our family by accident. Maybe someone gave it to me? Or found where … And most likely our elders didn’t even attach importance to the pasted-up sheet. And now we don’t even know who wrote it, of course… As well as the author of the original recipe, which came to us from the depths of centuries, as they say. We express our sincere gratitude to him! And of course the most important thing is that the basis of the unique UNIKUM products, encrypted there, made it possible to complement the original secret. And now it works in all the products that Iveta makes in her production. Of course, given today’s knowledge and advances in science and technology, she has significantly refined and changed the original recipe. But it was he who gave such an opportunity – to make the first one, and to develop new unique products, for the benefit of the people.

Author Maxim Sputai.

The photo is how our first product, created using a unique recipe, looked like…