UNIKUM - comfort for those on the move

We are a family business that has concentrated its love and knowledge by creating natural and multifunctional products - various creams, oils, gels and soaps.

They combine the healing power of plants, modern technology and the latest scientific discoveries.

All products in Latvia are made according to our original recipes. Officially certified production, under the control of the state.

Unikumis a small but ambitious company that produces organic cosmetics that are unique, affordable and good for the environment. Our mission is to create natural and holistic products that allow customers to look and feel their best without exposing themselves or the environment to harsh chemicals and toxins.

We are passionate about creating organic cosmetic solutions for our customers with innovative technology, modern packaging design and clean products full of sustainability. We source ingredients from trusted farmers around the world to make sure our thoughtful recipes prioritize quality over quantity. Each product contains no harsh ingredients, so customers can be assured that they are treating their skin right.

At Unikum we believe in connecting with nature, not changing it, so all our packaging is biodegradable and/or recyclable, which reduces waste for our customers and also protects the environment. High performance has never been so environmentally friendly!

We strive to uncover each client's unique beauty by offering natural alternatives that promote self-confidence while respecting humanity and nature. Cultivating ethical principles and always keeping up with current trends means that Unikum always provides our customers with the latest advice and recommendations on eco-friendly cosmetics essential to a healthy lifestyle!